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School; what if they crumble in the process?

In pursuit for more and the “best” education, we ought to wonder ”what if our children crumble in the process?” The new school year has just begun and once again I have had time to think and pray about our own schooling journey for our children. I have had years when I have doubted my…… Continue reading School; what if they crumble in the process?

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Grateful for; Marriage and motherhood

https://youtu.be/uh59P2FR-TI Continuing my Grateful Mondays series on our YouTube channel, this Monday I chose to talk about Marriage and motherhood. This June I’ll be married for 11 years and this April will be 10 years since I became a mother. For our marriage, I am very grateful; the beauty in experiencing God’s love and grace.…… Continue reading Grateful for; Marriage and motherhood