Poetry/Short Stories

It’s Autumn!

It’s a misty morning from my bedroom window ..
The morning dew lingers in the air softly I can almost hear whispers in the air of a passing summer onto another season….

In the kitchen I find myself pouring my first cup of hot tea while watching families of birds that I am sure are headed for their winter “home”

Ohhhh …it’s beautiful outside; the dew, the birds, the tease of slightly changing leaves..
It’s peaceful and calming and yes I am part of it!

At dusk, the air is crisp……I get lost in what is to come; crackling fires, hot cocoa and toasty blankets

From a distance I hear dogs barking, cows mooing, kids playing and of course the geese flying by and it’s a good autumn night for me…

Autumn is here…….so I quietly say to myself.

~ Susan McMillan ~

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