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My little guy is 2!


Abner is my little nephew; my little sister’s son. To say I adore this little guy would be an understatement, it gets even better…..in our Ugandan culture, my sister’s child calls me mom thus making me little Abner’s other mom and I absolutely love it.

Two years ago today our little Abner was born; this is one of those days that I know I would have grown wings to be there with my little sister if that were even possible. I wanted to be present in person for my sister but sadly we were countries/nations apart and was only present in prayer.

Despite the fact that I have two little ones of my own, I cant begin to explain how deep and wide my heart stretches for little Abner; I love being his other mom/auntie. Every prayer said for my children is said for him too and I know without a doubt that I will always be present as needed at each stage of his life.

Just like my children, my prayer for our little Abner is that he will grow to know the Lord, to never know a time apart from Him because I know it comes with scars that I never, ever wish for him to experience.

I pray for Friends that will love him enough to always point him to Christ.

I pray that through out his life, he will always seek to honor God

I pray for wisdom that only comes from God.

I pray for good health.

I pray for God’s favor wherever he goes in life.

I pray for joy and peace that only comes from God.

And most importantly, I pray that he will always know and remember that he is fearfully created in the image of God and to know that he is a reflection of God’s love and Grace.

My dearest Abner, my little boy I love you to the end of my time. I hope and pray that nothing will ever make you feel less loved by this auntie/mom. I will always be right here to listen; always.

Happy Birthday!!!!!

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