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2020/2021 school year


Here we are again; another school year for our little ones. I know it’s been a rough year for most of us so far in regards to racial tensions and of course covid 19. I won’t go deep into that but all I can say or perhaps remind all of us is the fact that God is good, sovereign and nothing happens outside of His will. That has been my comfort through out this craziness.

As you already know, we do homeschool our two children and always have. This year moving on is not any different. Nothing has changed in regards to our school schedule.

As usual, we choose to do school all year round; taking breaks as needed. We took one full month off and got started back up last week. Our children are now in 6th and 4th grade respectively. They are both very good students and thankfully still very eager and excited to learn; something I am very grateful for.

Our 6th grader’s strengths are in math and happens to have a strong passion for science(mostly physics which was most of our science for 2019/2020 school year) from my observations. This school year though we have chosen to focus and expose both our children to “biology” as we continue exploring their academic passions and strengths. Despite his love for math and physics or science, he still does really well in language(his reading is excellent and does great with his book reports). Along with that, we are continuing to study American history and geography of which he enjoys as well. For now, our little guy thinks he wants to become an Engineer of some sort like his daddy when he grows up but of course we believe it’s all up to God.

Our little 4th grader enjoys English (language) and her favorite time during school hours is doing grammar and writing her book reports on books she passionately reads; saying she enjoys reading would be an understatement!. Of course she knows math has to be covered and she is always willing to learn and does well despite not being her favorite. She is enjoying geography(mostly map reading) and of course history; I believe because it has to do with so much reading and learning facts. When asked what she wants to do in the future, she says she wants to become an artist; something she is great at!!!. She draws better that anyone I know(I could be biased here as her mother, but my little girl is a great artist especially when it comes to drawing cartoons. This talent I know comes from God because both my husband and i can not draw at all. Once again, God knows exactly what and how He will use both our children for His purposes.

Once again, I am thankful to God for the opportunity and ability to teach our children from home as we continue nurturing them into human beings that God created them to be.

Despite the wisdom gained from everything they have to learn in school, our biggest prayer as parents is that our children will know God, seek to honor Him with their lives and that their lives will reflect their love for Christ wherever God places them in this life.

6 thoughts on “2020/2021 school year

  1. I admire what you are doing — exposing your children to many avenues of learning while letting them explore and excel in their favorite fields. That you do this under God’s direction is fantastic. God bless you!

  2. You are doing excellent work with your youth, especially during a time where most parents are concerned about their youth being educated. Continue looking to Christ as you and your husband have.

  3. That’s wonderful that you homeschool your children. So glad to see that they’re being educated properly and that God is welcome in your home and school.

  4. One especially nice thing about homeschooling right now is we don’t have to worry about sending them back into large groups! My grandchildren have July off but are taking lots of short courses on something called Outschool which parents of their friends recommend.

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