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12 years of love


As a little girl, marriage never really crossed my mind; in fact i “swore” i would never get married because of many reasons but one that really stood out for me was “what marriage looked like”; I personally did not see love, total commitment, friendship and for that reason and more, i had no intentions of ever wanting to live that way.

Twelve years ago today, i had my mind changed forever!…..I whole heartedly vowed to love my husband and yes trusted his vows and word to me and God that he would love me until death. Yes, i believe in real love, yes i believe in marriage and yes i believe in “happily ever after”.

My husband, my man, my best friend, my Michael, I love you sweetheart and I thank you for loving me and our children. Thank you for taking very good care of us and being a great head/leader for our family and most importantly once again, thank you for always pointing our children and I to Christ in every season and or circumstances we have lived through together.

My Michael, I love many things about you and to mention a few;

  • I love your humility, maturity and perseverance
  • I love your commitment to Christ and continuing to seek and grow in Christ
  • I love your tenderness towards people especially our kids in moments when (i think) you should be angry
  • I love your mission in seeing/finding beauty in every boring thing; your statement is always…”it will work or we can make it work or happen or something along those lines”. I other words, there is never a boring moment with you.

My sweet love, you enchant me, you “complete” me and i know for a fact that i will walk arm in arm with you until the end of my days.  So far, It is and has been a joy and a privilege living this life by your side as your lover, wife, friend and partner.

Lord willing, our 13th will even be better!!


Your bride of 12years

19 thoughts on “12 years of love

    1. What a blessing to make it to 56!; I would love to hear your story on how you have made it this far (how you met your husband and perhaps some advice to couples like ours as seasons change for us through out our marriage). Happy anniversary to you and your husband ♥️.
      Warm hugs from North Texas 💐

      1. Thank you for the hugs. They have extra meaning, now that we’ve had to do without physical ones.

        John and I were college sweethearts, marrying two weeks after graduation. We’ve been poor, and we’ve had plenty, and through it all, God blessed us. Prayer was what got me through the hard parts. You have a marvelous marriage because you love God and each other and are committed to your relationship. May God bless you richly.

    1. 25years!!! What a beautiful blessing ❣️. Yes, being married to your best friend definitely makes a big difference. I like telling my husband that I love him and like as well; because he’s one person I would rather be around anytime/anywhere. I just enjoy him a whole lot!

  1. Happy Anniversary. Here we are constantly saying to each other how blessed we are to be quarantined with each other and how awful it would be to be stuck with someone you couldn’t stand.

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