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My baby is 11!

It was labor of love; 11 years ago today we welcomed our little guy into the
world after 12 hours straight of intense labor. I mention that because I still
remember that pain like it was yesterday but yet I would do it over and over again. Every bit of it was worth our precious son.

One may say or think I am biased and that’s okay but I must say our little
guy is one of a kind; he loves God and we continue to see his desire to know
Him grow constantly, he loves his family, he is kind, patient, obedient, smart
and knows no stranger. My husband and I are always amazed at his ability to carry on a conversation with any adult (I know for a fact I couldn’t do that when I was his age). We are thankful to God who continues to mold him into the person He made him to be.

So far, math is his favorite subject and he enjoys reading. Like his sister,
he has read more books than I know I ever did read by that age; his favorite
books being “the rush revere series, the magic bicycle, hank the cow dog
and more”.

During his quiet time, if he is not reading, he is either building something
complicated from Legos, writing comic books” or studying the bible while
taking notes (I have seriously wondered what God has in the making for our little guy)

Our little guy/our Gary/our precious son loves being outside riding his
bicycle. He is very competitive that he talks his sister into racing each time.
I don’t know yet what to think of this but I sure know he’s definitely making
memories with his little sister.

I could go on and on talking about my baby/our son…….he’s just precious!

Happy birthday my baby boy. We are thankful that you are ours to love and

We are thankful for the 11years so far and look forward to many, many, many birthdays…

We love you!


4 thoughts on “My baby is 11!

  1. Happy Birthday. Our grandson turns 11 in September. He is also a very considerate kid. I told him yesterday that I was sorry I hadn’t paid enough attention to something he was trying to tell me. He replied “I understand.” Wow. Manners in a little boy. You and my daughter are raising boys to be solid men.

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