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I will choose my children every day for as long as I am alive.

I have never really wanted to send my children to day care; pretty much pay someone else to have the joy and pleasure of spending the entire day with my little ones. Nope! I was not going to do that especially given the fact that I had the option to be with them at home. I understand the fact that some mothers do not have that option.

When my babies got old enough to start school, that was yet another choice we (I) made to homeschool them for as long as I was healthy enough to do so. As days go by I get to see moments from my two munchkins; smiles, giggles, tantrums, moodiness, fights between them, physical changes and of course some (quite many) questions that comes from their curiosity. I love it and would never trade this season for anything in this world! In fact I can rightfully say that I have not missed a single milestone in their lives so far.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been many days along the way that I have wished I could read a book that I love nonstop without being interrupted by a sweet sloppy kiss, or a “mommy this or that”, or perhaps wished to pursue “my own passions”. But I know being at home raising my/our children is only a season that I do not want to miss. I strongly believe that the joy of having my children with me all the time as mom/teacher far outweighs the times that I would rather be alone.

My moments with them will not last forever; soon they will outgrow their infatuation with me, they might even decide they don’t really like the mommy morning kisses, or the tight hugs that I give or holding my hand supper tight for no specific reason. The fact is they are growing and yes I still will enjoy the coming seasons but they will look different from what they are now.

My days may be filled with my kids’ moodiness, noise, bickering, fighting between the two but in those exact moments I continue to hope that I will be able to teach them love, resilience, patience, compromise and how to apologize all in light of the truth through scripture; hiding God’s word in their/our hearts as we continue to learn how to live it out daily.

Motherhood is beautiful and choosing to be a stay at home mother is an honor that I am privileged to carry with joy and pride.

34 thoughts on “joys of motherhood

  1. Oh so true. Now because of the current world situation, I get to work from home, I am so happy that I am the last one my son says good night to, and the first one to greet him good morning, just like when he was a baby. I cherish these moments of being with him.

  2. Amen! Those are two beautiful children.<3
    Our children are precious gifts who are counting on us to guide them.
    They need to know we WANT to spend time with them.
    Praying for you and your family to be safe and well.
    God loves you! ❤

  3. I’m sad I chose a career over motherhood. I chose only to have one child since an aunt that couldn’t have children told me I’d regret it if I didn’t….oh how I regret not knowing God’s Word and had a quiver full! God bless you!

    1. Miss Debbie, thank you for sharing your heart. I know for a fact that God’s meets us wherever we are; in whatever season of life. Despite the fact that I’ll be turning 35 in June and know God now, I still regret not knowing Him sooner. But I know he’s sovereign and faithful to love us and forgive us. He makes us new. His love for us never ends when we believe in Him as our only savior.

      1. Thank you dear Susan!!! You are so blessed! We all have regrets but our Lord God uses our lives for His glory!!! Hallelujah!

  4. Isn’t it sad that so many families don’t know what to do now that their children are home all the time with schools closed? I am glad you love having the privilege of raising kids. Your kids’ faces show they know the joy of having you at home.

    1. It’s been heart breaking in a way to see and hear some mothers in our community dread the extra time they are having to spend with their little ones. From what I see, most kids are loving it though.
      I am forever grateful for this opportunity; to be mom/teacher to our little ones. It’s beautiful and a blessing that I will never take for granted.

      1. A friend who has always worked in day care says many parents don’t discipline their kids at home. These kids are behaved at day care because of set limits. Now those parents are finding out the effect of the abdication of their responsibilities I think.

      2. I have been wondering what most parents think especially those that don’t value the effort that most care takers pour into their kids. My hope and prayer is that they will have more appreciation.
        I have friends who are teachers and at times it’s hard to believe how under appreciated most are by parents. I really hope this season will change that attitude in most parents. I think teachers and daycare workers are some of the unsung heroes in our societies.

  5. This post makes me so happy! I also loved being home with my children when they were young, and at all ages. (I’ve always been a stay-at-home-mom). I didn’t discover homeschooling until my youngest was school age. I’m so glad now that I homeschooled him (and his older sisters) from that time forward. He’s 17 now! It really does go by so fast. You’ll only look back on these days with a heart full of sweet memories to cherish forever.

    1. Ohhhh Camie!!!!. Thank you for such a sweet reminder. I always love hearing from mothers that have been through this season; infact I enjoy sorrounding myself with those mothers in my community; searching for encouragment and correction.
      Motherhood is beautiful!!! and I know I will look back on these days with a full heart. Your children are lucky to have you as mom/teacher as well.

      1. Isn’t it so nice to find like-minded mamas? Thank you for the compliment. Yes, motherhood is beautiful, in all its stages. 💝

  6. A heartfelt post on motherhood indeed! I agree that one day our kids will outgrow their emotions with us but yes, till then, we must cherish as much as we can. I too spend my entire time with my daughter now. There was time when I put her in daycare too, and I was working too, but now I have left all (well in time) to be with her and it is so nice that I get to do things of my own interest too once in a while, which was never the case earlier! Your post resonates my sentiments. Loved every bit of it!

    1. I have three boys, I have stayed home with them. I have homeschooled and sent them to public school. I am so grateful that I have been able to spend so much time with my boys. They are 11, 8 and 3

      1. You have been an amazing and terrific mother all
        This while. And it is pretty obvious that you will continue to be so. Mothers are real blessings the kids can have. Salute to you and your undying spirit.

  7. That’s so wonderful. We will never get this time back with our babies. Our son goes to public school typically but it’s been really great having him home doing virtual school. We are considering homeschooling him next year. It’s been a blessing for our family being able to spend all of this time together.

  8. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I am a new mom, and I have recently started a blog of my reflections on motherhood. I agree with you that I don’t want to miss this season with my baby, and I hope to stay at home with her!

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