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Happy birthday


Today my husband/friend is 37!

I love this man with everything in me and I have had the joy of being by his
side as his wife since he was twenty four. We are literally growing together.
To say my husband is the most gentle soul I know would be an understatement; he loves the lord and as a result seeks to honor Him in whatever he does (yes, his job inclusive), he is an amazing husband (honestly, I never thought a man like him existed), he is the kind of father I know any child would be proud to have, he is a great leader to our family and loves us well.

This morning I told him that if I were a man, I would want to have him for
my friend; he’s that guy that I know any other dude would want for a friend but I am lucky to call him my husband(mine).

My dearest Michael, happy birthday love!

Thank you for being mine

Thank you for taking care of our family

Thank you for always encouraging me to keep my head high

Thank you for your extreme patience through my grieving years

Thank you for pointing me back to Christ always

Once again, I pray that we will get celebrate many, many birthdays together
Lord willing.


Happy Birthday

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