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Baby girl’s 9th birthday

My little chele Grace is nine today!

Purple is her favorite color but she will any color when it comes to flowers; she loves flowers in any shape or form. Living on 10acres, with huge fields of flowers ( pretty weeds mostly), her little hands are filled with bundles every time we step outside. She loves yellow too just because it’s my(her Mama’s) favorite color thus the choice of her birthday dress this year.

One could say I am a biased mother which is a good thing in this situation and for that I must say my little girl is the most beautiful little thing you will ever meet; she sparkles like the morning sunshine, she tells jokes like no other, she can be sassy or tomboyish depending on her mood, she loves to brush her hair perfectly every morning but don’t be surprised if she decides to let it be(literally crazy hair lady).

Like her mama, she loves real hard and expects to be loved by those close to her. I have some of her journals from a few years ago where she would say “mommy you must love me” a statement I find funny, confusing but beautiful. Of course I am happy to always love my little mama and yes even at her command.

Our little chele loves to read just like me. But I will admit she has read more books in the past two years than I have even touched. Some of her favorite series so far have been the little house on the prairie, the rose years and sugar Creek gang. I must say the fact that her and her brother enjoy reading just melts my heart as a mother and a book lover.

Don’t be fooled by her pretty little smile; she can definitely become a terror to her big brother in a blink of an eye (my husband and I both agree she takes after me here). I have a big brother and our relationship has always been “interesting”; he has always been one of my best friends but in a blink of an eye he could become my number one “enemy”(only the two of us can understand this kind of love).

She loves art and is obsessed with fabric cutting. She tells me constantly that she wants to become an artist or designer when she grows up. This little thing can do more with fabric, scissors, paper and pencils than I could ever dream of. I really hope and pray this passion continues as she grows.

Despite the fact that she’s still a little girl, she knows and loves to read her Bible. She always has questions about anything and everything she doesn’t understand in the Bible; for that I am thankful. As a mother, I pray that she’ll truly grow to Know God and seek to honor Him with her life.

This year we had plans of going to the park for her birthday (she loves picnics) and had ask for one but given the current situation, we are having to picnic at home.

Am excited to see what God has planned for our little mama as she grows into a new season of her life as we continue to love her through it.

We love you little mama(chele Grace)

Happy birthday!!!!

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