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Goals and resolutions are what most folks like to write out leading into the New Year. I have done that before and it has always been exciting!
2020 is here and all I can think about is gratitude!
2019 was filled with so much; mixed emotions of laughter, joy, tears and at times sorrow. I personally found myself deeply hurting for my friends that suffered losses but also the sick. My heart was breaking for one mother in particular that was fighting cancer a journey way too familiar. Despite the sad side, I experienced so much joy; traveling to Uganda after almost 11 years, getting to meet my three nephews and of course enjoying my sibling that I had been longing to see for many years. The icing to the entire trip was seeing the excitement our children had when we arrived and how carefree they carried themselves very open to trying new foods and allowing themselves to be loved by many, many folks that loved me as a little girl. Yes, I cried, laughed and then cried again. It was a beautiful trip and I know we will treasure those days for life.
As I think about the past year and now this year, I am grateful for so much;
Freedom to worship; the continued freedom to worship in this country. The ability and freedom to gather as a church to worship God. I pray that we all would never take this freedom for granted.
Gift of life; the older I get, the more gratitude I have towards life. In our community, I have watched many go through painful grief, lose battles to sicknesses and the gift of life we have been given to this day I know is worth all the gratitude.
Health; Perhaps this one will always be on my gratitude list. Despite the little sicknesses here and there, I thank God for keeping our family healthy throughout last year. I remember one time in particular this past year (2019), I went in for my annual cancer screening exam and I just couldn’t help but feel humbled by God’s love and grace. That place was filled with sick folks; some perhaps starting out cancer journeys, some probably in the middle of it and some maybe enduring the reality of lost “hope”.
Family; ohhh, I can’t say how much I love my family; my husband and children. 2019 was a great year to focus on us. To intentionally spend quality time together and I am grateful. Our home feels like home because of my 3 people; I have felt safe and loved and most definitely part of a team cheering each other spiritually and physically.
Friends; We live far from any of our immediate family; A reality we have always had in our marriage. Despite that fact, we are thankful for our friends most of whom have become family. We are never alone with our friends. They have loved us, cared for us, stood with us, prayed for us and with us. We have continuously had a strong support system in every aspect with our friends.
All in all, this life is temporary and I know that some days/seasons will always be better than others. Some things will go as planned and some won’t. Some days you will feel like we are drowning and others like we are on top of the world. In it all, let’s remember to be thankful for God’s way of loving us remembering that His knowledge of the way our life should go is only His. He loves us, knows what’s best for us, gives us what’s best, allows whatever happens in our lives for our good and His glory.


5 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. I loved all the photos, especially the one of your kids living the life on those lawn chairs! It is fun when kids pose like that. I am so glad you were able to take them to Uganda now that they are old enough to really appreciate what it has to offer and how it contrasts with Texas. So glad to see a long post form you.

    1. Thank you Ms. Elizabeth. Thank you for always encouraging me in whatever I write. Thank you for always being present to read whenever I am able to write. I hope all is well with you.
      So much love from North Texas ❤️

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