Poetry/Short Stories



It’s deep

Many times there are no words

To describe it for it hurts


It cuts so deep;

For a moment, days, months, years

At times for many seasons


In silence I pray

For healing

In silence I wish for endurance

In silence I wipe the tears

That I don’t have the “power” to hold back

In silence I wish it was all different


Loss brings grief

Grief can not be explained

Grief hurts deep;

It’s an ulcer

It’s brutal

It’s cold

It’s painful

At times very lonely


Grief spares non;

Children to adults

The poor or the rich

Grief knows no race

Grief knows no social class


Grief roams nations

Crosses boundaries

Cuts fences

Touches whoever & however


Grief just is!

~Susan McMillan

9 thoughts on “Grief

  1. I haven’t heard from you in a very long time. I hope that this poem doesn’t reflect your current situation. If it does, may you find peace. If it is about the past, may you find true healing.

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