Poetry/Short Stories

What now?


Nameless beings

Is what we have become

To our “busy” neighbors


Respect for the elders

Has become an “antique” concept

That non of of our generation

Care to learn


The head of the “home”

Has become whoever;

Mother, father, child at times non!


The creator

That our fore fathers blessed

For the daily bread is being

Ridiculed non-stop!


Who are we?

Where are we?

Where are we heading?

What now? if we keep this up

I hope you ask yourself the same!

~Susan McMillan

5 thoughts on “What now?

  1. Yes! I have just been bemoaning the lack of respect for elders from our grandchildren. Although we grew up respecting our parents and grandparents, and our children grew up respecting them, not so with this next generation. It is discouraging! I love the term you use for neighbors — nameless beings. Yeah we are too quick to jump in our car and go, instead of stopping to talk to our neighbor. I do it too. I will try to stop and at least say “Hi”.

    1. That’s one of the many things in today’s world that breaks my heart. I think it’s very sad for a young one to unapologetically disrespect an “elderly”.

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