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Not The Man Of My Dreams!


11 years ago today I married my husband; my Michael!

We were both young; “naive” one could argue but we were crazy in love and nothing or no one in our case was going to stop us (and yes some tried!).

As a little girl, I was different. I really never dreamed of my “Mr. Right” nor my white wedding dress. I never had that desire and I concluded believing that perhaps marriage was not in God’s plan for a girl like me.

Long story short, little did I know that God had created the perfect guy for me thousands of miles away. Not the guy of my dreams; since that was none (literally) but the perfect man that would love me so hard even in my brokenness.

My husband, my best friend, my dearest Michael, I thank you for loving me.

I thank you for being my friend.

I thank you for helping me learn and understand how to trust and keep trust.

I thank you for never giving up on me.

I thank you adoring me like you promised the day we got married.

I thank you for you for always protecting me.

I thank you for believing in me.

I thank you for being my biggest cheerleader.

I thank you for being the best father to our children.

And most importantly, I thank you for always praying for me, with me and pointing me back to Christ when seasons of life have been “heavy”.

I love you, I love you and I love you my dearest husband.

Till death do us part!

Oh wait, no remarrying for either of us if or when God takes either of us first (hahahaha).

I love you again

Your girl




6 thoughts on “Not The Man Of My Dreams!

  1. I am with you. I never dreamed about weddings either. And my parents’ marriage was not something to be desired. Still, 31 years later, I am glad I had that wedding.

  2. You are the woman of my dreams. I was a weird kid. I dreamed of having a family and had a short checklist.
    1. A woman that loves the Lord – check
    2. A woman that loves me as much as I love her. – check
    3. A beautiful woman. – Check Check. 😀

    Happy anniversary my love. 11 down 69 years to go. 😉

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