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Baby girl turns 8!


March 31st 8 years ago was that day; a special day for our family!

My dearest baby girl,

Today is one of the many

Reminders of the day I held “sunshine” in my arms; you my little girl .

You are growing

You are blooming

And it’s beautiful and exciting to watch day by day.

As time goes by,

My prayer is still that you my baby girl will continue to grow in the knowledge of Christ

I pray for God’s guidance and grace in knowing how to love, nurture, cherish and protect you every second of my breathe

I pray that my words to you will always be filled with love, encouragement and affirmation

I pray that you will never let this broken world dim your shining light that your daddy, brother and I have had the joy of knowing for 8 years now

I pray that you will always find joy in Christ; living every moment of your life seeking and desiring to honor him above anyone else

My little mama, I prayed for you before you were conceived, I prayed for you every day when I carried you in my belly, I have prayed for you from the moment I first held you, I pray for you constantly and I know I will never, ever stop praying for you until the moment of my last breath!.

I love you my little one and I am blessed to be your mommy

Warm fuzzy hugs today

Love always

Your mommy.

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