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To my husband


Here we are

Sitting and talking about the future

Like we own tomorrow

Raising our children

Holding hands and kissing

Laughing as we joke about old age;

My corrupted mind lingers off……

Wondering if we’ll indeed age hand in hand


Oh my Micheal

My friend

My love

My dearest husband

Let’s age together; u & me

Let’s hold hands forever

Let’s dance to our song forever

Let’s cry together

Let’s watch our babies grow

And fly away

Let’s sit still, side by side under the sunset

Let’s read with our eye glasses when old age strikes

U & me.

~Susan McMillan

10 thoughts on “To my husband

  1. This is beautiful and reminds me of the 2 minutes of quiet time my husband and I had to watch TV on the couch last night while the kids were upstairs wrestling each other.

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