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A beautiful season!


I hate winter; I cannot stand the cold and being stuck indoors. The short days make it even worse for me. We have had winter colds on and off, the roads are soaking wet and I can’t really take a stroll on our little Prairie. This season too will pass; spring time will be here soon and I will enjoy the chirping birds, our fruit trees will bloom and our bee boxes will be buzzing with bees. I will wake up to a sunny bedroom…..oh how exciting that feels just at the thought of it!!.

I know in life there are many seasons; seasons of joy and seasons of sadness, of peace and unrest, of new births and loss, of hard work and rest, of laughter and then tears, of being surrounded by family and friends or loneliness…..the list is endless. Every season though has it’s time and as long as you we are alive, we all will experience these seasons.

All these seasons are beautiful and we learn and grow from each in different ways. They are beautiful seasons.

I am thankful for this season of my life; I am juggling being present as a wife to the love of my life, being fully present as mom and teacher to my children, being present for my siblings whenever I am needed, being a daughter that continues to love and understand my parents, a friend that can serve and love my friends in the community we live.

As time goes by, these circumstances may change. Seasons will change and perhaps my roles will change. I do not know and I am okay with that.

Today in this season, I am joyful, I am thankful and feel blessed to be part of this season; a beautiful season of life.

I hope and pray that somehow you also will enjoy this season; whatever season you are part of right now, knowing and remembering that it’s just a season and it will pass.

With love

4 thoughts on “A beautiful season!

  1. I am enjoying the season of retirement. How wonderful it is to be free to care for people around us, as well as to pay attention to relatives who are far away! It’s hard to juggle things like that when you are working.

  2. Great! We are in the Golden Years! One of our parents is still living, and our oldest grandchild is now in college! We love this season! Of course, I think we loved all our “seasons!”

  3. The Bible certainly says it best doesn’t it. “To everything there is a season.” I am always comforted by knowing that humans throughout time have had their ups and downs.

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