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Grateful Monday

I hope and pray that today is a beautiful day where you are. As I write this, it’s Sunday night here at our place and I am exhausted after a long day as mom and wife.

2018 was a very hard year for me. I allowed myself to not see the beauty in God’s love for me. I chose to dig deep and find all the bad and sad things and lament over them instead of finding joy and being thankful for the many things in and about life. 2019, I decided to journal about all the things I am grateful for hoping for encouragement and accountability; by doing so, I will also be sharing on our YouTube channel praying and hoping that somehow I will inspire someone to find and acknowledged the things they should be thankful for. Hopefully along the way, praying for one another, rising each other up and sharing our burdens and rejoicing together we will all learn to be grateful every single day.

To my subscribers here on the blog, I would love for you to watch; be warned, I am not good on camera[I prefer sitting behind my computer and just pouring out my heart]. Please share your thoughts with me on the channel.

Thank you and God bless

7 thoughts on “Grateful Monday

  1. All understandable, sometimes life gets ahead of us to the point of forgetting our true purpose. The beauty is you’ve recognized it and are doing a positive change.
    God bless you wholeheartedly in seeing the good in nature, in people, and in the chaos that life sometimes deals us. Dont sweat the small stuff, give it all to our Lord.
    May He keep you steadily moving forward in His grace. In Yahushua’s Holy name, I pray for you. Blessings!

  2. I find sometimes that there is pressure in some Christian communities to always be upbeat.This is not what is true about life. In fact, in our Gospel readings right after the birth of Christ we remember the slaughter of the innocent children by Herod while he was trying to kill Jesus. I agree that genuine gratitude helps pull us up. I was moved by your realization when you passed the cemetery that just being alive is gift. Looking forward to future Mondays.

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