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Cancer floor waiting room

We got up early this morning and headed down to Baylor hospital for my annual cancer exam.

For 7years now, we have made this a family affair. Even though it’s a dreaded exam, somehow we manage to find beauty amidst everything. We laugh and reminisce on the exams past. How time has flown by and in all, God’s goodness.

As we sit here waiting for my turn, I see familiar faces of nurses that have joyfully served our family. They are very kind. They try to making my anxious self smile; I smile a little and then get back to wondering about what everyone’s story in that waiting room might be. I am forever thankful for these nurses who somehow manage to make this dreaded process a little easier.

Today, the waiting room is full. There are old folks on walkers as well as young people who should be full of life but are frail from cancer. My heart breaks; I understand the hard journey they have to go through. I understand the physical pain they have to endure. I understand the fear in their eyes. I understand their desire for healing and I understand that God is good and sovereign in all of this.

We are human and are broken in this flesh. Our bodies are weak but God is strong. He is giving us all the strength to endure this “short” season of life. He has given us hope; in him and I am thankful.

I take comfort in knowing that these sick physical bodies are not the end. This season will pass. In him we are healed. In him we have hope of a moment when these frail beings that clothe our souls will be stripped off. We will all be whole again when we see His holy face. I have faith and I pray for the same faith for the people I am looking at today; to someday share the joy of seeing our heavenly father face to face; whole, without pain or tears.

As I wait in this room, I pray that God will continue to give me/us all the strength to wait on Him. To not be discouraged by any discomfort this life brings for He is coming back again.

God bless.

11 thoughts on “Cancer floor waiting room

  1. Praying for you and everyone in those waiting rooms. I am a 13 years breast cancer survivor. I know those kind of rooms well. Each year, my heart races when my appointment draws near.

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