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To cling to Him


My breathe, your breathe is because he has allowed it to be. The perfectly painted sky in all its beauty is because he has it exactly the way he wills, the birds in the air, a new born baby, the gentle breeze, the beautiful sun, the mountains, every drop of rain……the list is endless. All are because God is and His Will continues to be done.

For the past several months, we have been going through construction of our new home and saying it’s been hard and overwhelming would be an understatement. I have seen myself go though different emotions. Most of the time, I have tried to justify or rather blame everything on the fact that they are not going as I had planned; oh how I need God’s grace to dwell on His plan not mine.

As we continue with this building process, I have realized my true need for God’s grace. My need to hunger for the things of the Lord rather than the “things of the world”. In a sense, I like things perfect and I have found myself expecting perfection with our house and in that mix, forgetting that this house(dirt, metal and sticks) being built is just another worldly possession that will come to pass. This house, is not home. Where you are Lord is where our home is as believers.

Once again I say, Lord teach me to love you more, teach me to desire you more, teach me to run to you and only you, teach me to dwell on your truth as written in scripture, remind me constantly that you are eternal and the possessions of this world that you bless us with are just for a moment, remind me once again the joy of your salvation, give me peace that only comes from you.

More so, help me to rejoice in the richness of knowing you. By faith clinging to who you are as your will continues to unfold in my life.



13 thoughts on “To cling to Him

  1. At ;least you have something concrete to build on – so far,, as a cash buyer I have had my offer accepted and a survey completed at the end of May – but getting a completion date and vacant possession is proving more difficult than finding a hen’s teeth because the owner seems reluctant to take that initial step beyond his front door to break what appears to be an ever increasing chain. I’m wondering how long before my patience runs out.

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