Our Life · Poetry/Short Stories

Like turquoise


Like turquoise,

He took a chance on the ole’ gal

Dared a second glance


Weak and weary

Beat up and broken

From life’s circumstances

That gal was


He;only he had the “nerve”

To stay!

Not  for a moment; but for good


Like turquoise,

Underneath her broken “smile”

Hide a gem…

A smile; a true smile

Only for him who dared to stay


Like turquoise,

He found her shine

That hide for seasons

Under the heat and cold

A few storms here and there


Salvaged! he did

Dusted! he had to…

With tender love and care

He; only he

Loved on the ole gal

And says it’s for life!

~Susan McMillan

3 thoughts on “Like turquoise

  1. I believe that, once one is drawn to another, and the person responds in kind, it is a mutual polishing that sets in. No one should be forced into a relationship. It should flow naturally, even around the occasional rocks.

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