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About summer 2018


It’s been awhile since I last posted something on here. Truth is, we have been extremely busy! I dislike using that word and always prefer to leave it out of my vocabulary but not this time.

Nevertheless, we have been super busy since December 2017 trying to build a little homestead on our 10acre prairie.

Amidst all this, we have had to learn so much about building codes, laws, metal roof panels, dirt; yap heard that right… dirt. I have never really been the kind to care about textures or rather types of dirt suitable for building what. We have had to make decisions about different building materials, finishes and yes working alongside our amazing builder to make sure our little prairie house is built right.

Oh did I forget, we somehow found ourselves proud parents of two bee hives. Yap, at this point, I too thought we were perhaps going through a midlife hobby crisis. I mean, I am scared of bees to be honest even though I am willing to learn everything and anything there is to bee keeping given the fact that we love honey.

More still, being homeschooling parents, we have chosen to stay focused on the kids’ school amidst construction though summer while sorting through things as we get ready to move hopefully for the last time in our lives 😁.

We are thankful for the gift of life, health, family and friends. So far our summer, though extra hot here in North Texas, has been great. We have enjoyed going to our local water park and library, have had so much fun spending time with our friends, enjoyed our extended family that have been kind enough to come see us, eating the bountiful seasonal fruit especially cherries and watermelon and for this week it’s a joy to get to see our children get ministered to once again through Vacation Bible School.

God is so good and we are forever thankful!

10 thoughts on “About summer 2018

  1. Please save those bee hives. They are signs of prosperity.No, I am not superstitious.AS a youth
    I had destroyed seven in my arrogance despite pleadings from my subordinates and then paid the price.God Bless.

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