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10 years of love


10 years ago today, I married the most amazing man I know. My Michael, you were and still are everything I could ever hope for and desire in a man ; devoted to the Lord, kind, intelligent, humble, full of integrity, respectful, full of good humor and oh well, strikingly handsome; those beautiful hazel eyes and more that I won’t explain.

Not to mention your tenderness as a parent to our munchkins now that we have children, relentless loyalty and devotion to me for the past 10years, patience, unwavering faith and devotion to the Lord that myself and our children continuously look up to, a sense of humor that easily turns my “serious” face into a silly grin or laughter.

It has been an honor to be called your wife; your bride as you like to call me. You have been a blessing to me; praying for and with me, encouraging me when I have needed it, being a listening ear, guiding me in various ways and always fully being present. My love, my guy, my best friend, my Michael, I want you to know that I treasure the bond we share in this life and will forever cherish it for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish until death do us part.

Happy anniversary my love.

I love you forever!


P.S. I STILL DO as I did 10 years ago!


16 thoughts on “10 years of love

  1. A declaration of love after ten years one rare gets to read these days. Thank for sharing your love, faith, and Christian based marriage with us!

  2. Well, aren’t I embarrassed! All these years I’ve thought your anniversary was on June 8th! Anyway, we love you both and are so proud of you two. Happy Anniversary!!! May the LORD bless you with many, many more to come!

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