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Mother’s day


Yesterday we celebrated mother’s day. We were celebrated as mothers and I am forever thankful for that honor.

I am daily honored to be mommy to my two precious children. I am daily thankful that God out of his grace and love gave these precious gifts to me. I can never thank Him enough.

As we celebrate mother’s day year after year, I find myself thinking of how deep it truly means to be a mother and the lessons I have learned along the way;

  1. Unconditional love.
  2. Empathy.
  3. Learning to constantly give grace; being able to forgive to forgive our little ones over and over and perhaps for a life time.
  4. Sacrifice; putting our little ones’ needs before ours.
  5. Learning to be present and observant; I must say that in the past 9 years of motherhood, I can tell quickly if something is not right with any of my children even without a word from them. I keenly watch them constantly.
  6. My sinful nature; I don’t know about others, my children seems to imitate my every action and at times it’s not the best. By watching my munchkins imitate me, I am able to be reminded of my sinful nature and my great need of God’s grace.
  7. Patience beyond anything I had ever imagined.
  8. Not sweating the small stuff. I have realized that if I were to sweat about everything, I would most definitely lose my mind.
  9. I have learned kindness in a whole new light.
  10. I don’t have to be perfect to be mother to my children.
  11. Strength that I never knew I had in me; strength to support our babies, strength to pray for them, strength to believe in them, strength to walk through the different seasons of life alongside our munchkins, strength to say no many times and more….
  12. Being mama bear at all times; I honestly didn’t know that being mama bear was a real thing until I became a mama and I am sure other mama would agree with me.

Motherhood is more than just bearing children. It’s accepting and learning to stand, walk and at times run in those “mama shoes” without ever thinking of giving up on our children.

I pray that as mothers, we will continue to depend on God’s grace in raising our children and remembering to imitate God’s love by loving our children unconditionally.

I pray that as different seasons go by, we will have the strength to keep our heads high as mothers to our children and nations. But most importantly, I pray that we will never stop Praying for our children even after they are grown and out into the world. That we’ll always pray, pray and pray for them.


7 thoughts on “Mother’s day

  1. Truthful
    As mother a women’s act is just like nature give more take less back.
    But I think we should never forget to live long with children to show them right path, it’s important to take care of ourselves.
    Coz in these days many cases of anaemia found in women’s especially after marriage looking forward to family and completely ignoring self, is it right?

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