Poetry/Short Stories

Mama Maya



Letters to my daughters

Mama Maya wrote just for me

as though she knew I would need

Every word.

That touch.

That love.

That hug only

a mother’s heart can give.

Phenomenal! Mama Maya says I am.

Strong and courageous! She believes I am.

Beautiful. Mama Maya thinks I am; me?


I laugh out loud just like any daughter

would at her mother’s uplifting words.


In fact I cry! for I know I believe

Mama Maya’s words.

I believe every word she said

but yet doubt every now and then.

Mama, Mama, mama

Mama Maya Angelou

through your words,

I hold my head high with pride

Like a Savannah giraffe.

~Susan McMillan

For all women out there with a mother’s heart. Never stop or give up.

5 thoughts on “Mama Maya

  1. Thank you, dearest; I need this today…for a different reason. Your words “do not give up” inspire me to continue to express my undying love to a son who has turned me out of his life.

    Because he breaks my heart (every moment of every day) and because I chose to continue to love him unconditionally anyway, my sacramental tears convey to me God’s Divine Mercy…or so I’m told.

    But I am weak as mothers sometimes are, and your reminder helps me hold my head up and piece my heart back together; you and Mama Maya help me to then convey Divine Mercy on to others.

    I pray for your blessing on this upcoming Mother’s Day.

  2. This is beautiful—I’m so glad you’re finding ways to fill that mama-shaped space. At 64 I’m finally learning to love myself like a mama should.

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