Brewed Thoughts

Brewed Thoughts – R.C. Sproul


“The grand difference between a human being and a Supreme being is precisely this: Apart from God I cannot exist; apart from me God does exist. God does not need me in order for Him to be. I do need God in order for me to be. We are dependent. We are fragile. This is how we differ from God.”

R. C. Sproul

Tabletalk Magazine

Ligonier Ministries By RC Sproul

10 thoughts on “Brewed Thoughts – R.C. Sproul

    1. We all need to be reminded of this Truth/fact. Many times we get caught up into thinking that we have the “power” to be without Christ; forgetting that He is God and we are His creation and the fact that every aspect of our lives is under His Control. He is graceful though and patient to make himself known to us and I am personally thankful and humbled by that Grace.

  1. There is a great Joan Baez song where she sings, “I believe in God and God’s not us!” Combined with the quote from Sproul, these sentence ought to keep us all humble.

    1. Most definitely! God is not us. He is all powerful and we are weak without Him. He is all knowing, He is sovereign, He is ever present, He was before we were……..

  2. This post reminded me that I need to reread his book “The consequences of Ideas.”

    Man… I have an ever growing list of books to read.. now I am adding books to reread. I must be a glutton for punishment….

    1. I am studying Philosophy 1 on Ligonier Connect, and “The Consequences of Ideas” is on the reading list for this course. Wonderful book–a great primer on the history of Western thought. As I read and study, I am gaining a deeper appreciation of the extent to which the mind of fallen man is darkened and lost. As I read and study, I am also growing in my thanksgiving to God for saving me from my darkness; and also more humbled at the awesome power of the Holy Spirit to work the miracle of quickening and rescuing a mind lost in a maze of dead-end thinking masquerading as light and life…

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