Poetry/Short Stories



She smiled. I smiled

I bought into the lies beyond her “smile”

For a moment.

Have mercy

On me for touching a lion

Disguised as cat

 Have mercy on me for

Inhaling poison thinking it was perfume.

Today, Missy took off the facade

For a moment long enough

For me to see the lies once wrapped

In glittery “smiles”.

I said,

there goes my faded trust

there goes her faded “smiles”

there goes the faded glitter

of what she had me believe!


12 thoughts on “Faded

      1. I am sorry for your hurting. You are right to be honest with God about everything. He wants His children to be able to come to Him… especially with their deepest hurts. Jesus knows the pain of betrayal. He cares about YOU, and everything little and big thing! He loves you! No matter what!

    1. Thank you very much Miss Dorissa. I have really had time to think through your words of encouragement and I thank you. I write when i am happy and the opposite is true but I know ultimately taking my all to God is what I ought to do. I fail at that many times. ❤

      1. I fail at that, too, lots of times and then….when I remember…I run really really fast to the Lord!!! I am always so thankful for His kind mercies and gentle answers.

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