Poetry/Short Stories



Perfect smile!

Camouflages all sadness and sorrow

Only to face the world yet again

With her “war paint”

Camouflaging her fears, worries and frustrations.

Beautiful “mask” covers up

Every line gathered over the years of being a woman; daughter, sister, wife, mother and provider.

Woman; faces the world with a strong grip and a “lion’s might”

She, like no other knows to fold her sleeves only to be challenged for the dress and bow she wears.

She like a well seasoned cast iron braves on through the hottest of society fires that burn through different seasons.


Being of courage, strength, determination and endurance


Not just another bottle of wine to be shelved to age


Not just another bouquet to be used then tossed


Not just a pretty daisy to be starred at only for pleasure

Woman; a tangible verb

A woman; filler of any shoe.

~Susan McMillan

(Celebrating women of the world)

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