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Winter abundance


As much as I enjoy the summer food abundance, I must admit that I do enjoy winter abundance too here in North America. Around this time, we are not able to get beautiful fresh tomatoes or yummy peaches like we do in the summer but yet there are other yummy fruits and vegetables that we get to enjoy;

  • Grapefruit; in our area of Texas, we are lucky to get semi-local Texas fruit that we get to enjoy fall through winter. They are so juicy that we forget the peaches for a moment.
  • Pomegranates; I personally love pomegranates and the different ways I can get creative with them around my kitchen. We eat them straight out of their pod, can be added to salads, and can be juiced.
  • Cranberries; Besides cranberry sauce, which I only prefer once a year, I enjoy drinking straight cranberry juice to keep my bladder clean and healthy.
  • Cabbage; usually our kitchen is not complete without a good head of cabbage somewhere. We like making our coleslaw which we pride in helping us get our probiotic intake. But one can use cabbage to add to fall/ winter soups as well.
  • Winter squash; one of my favorite is kabocha squash because it has a familiar taste I grew eating. It’s very thick and creamy in taste compared to other squashes. I like to cut it into chunks and steam it and eat it with lentil soup. But can be added directly to soups, spaghetti squash is next; simply steam or bake it and enjoy with favorite marinara sauce. Butternut squash; yummy as well and can be baked for a dinner or used in baked goods…
  • Potatoes; Nothing beats a good ole baked potato. Either sweet or regular potato. Top it with whatever is pleasing to you but I prefer to top mine with a little coconut oil and steamed broccoli.
  • Apples; honestly speaking, apples are my least favorite fruit and the only kind I enjoy is the granny Smith; I like slicing them and adding a little Himalayan salt. Weird but really good.
  • Beets; I can never find the right words to express my deep affection for beets! I love beets in whatever form they are presented to me. In fact, when they are not in season, we buy beet juice for seasonal allergy remedies. It works too.
  • Brussel sprouts; these miniature cabbages with just a fancy name are delicious and can be enjoyed throughout the winter months here in North America.
  • Leeks; Onion sister, these lovelies are prettier and lighter in flavor compared to onions. I have recently discovered them and enjoy adding them to soups and have been a perfect topping for Pizza when we have been at our local pizza place.

All in all, I enjoy the different varieties that come with the changing seasons that we experience here in our country; the different colors, flavors and nutrients. I hope y’all enjoy the seasonal fruits and vegetables in your area.

God bless


15 thoughts on “Winter abundance

    1. 😁. Perhaps you are my sister from another mother. My husband and children enjoy apples very much, so I buy them in large quantities. The granny Smith are sour, and I like that.❤

  1. I have been roasting beets wrapped in aluminum foil since I read about how easy they are to peel after that. Now I regularly roast beets. It’s fun that they come in different colors.

    1. My father in-law taught me to bake them in some water; skin on and then peeling them is super easy. I bake them at 350 for about an hour. I love beets 😁😁. I have seen the orange ones too but I prefer the red especially for juicing.

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