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Cassava Sauté


Growing up, we ate many delicious dishes but yet my fondest memories of them all was the simple cassava dish from my grandma’s kitchen. She would harvest the cassava as well as the turmeric straight from her well-tended garden.

But as a little girl, it was that bright yellow color from the turmeric that would catch my eye first. I know now that my grandma knew the best way to capture little ones’ appetite; presentation. Yes it worked every single time and I thank her for that.

Seasons past, here I stand once again trying to wiggle my “feet” in the shoes of yet another great woman ever lived. My grandma/ mama/ friend. I will keep trying to mimic her cooking even though I know for a fact that I could never be as good as she was.

I pray that as these hands mimic my grandma, they will create meals worth being mimicked by my own children and generations to come.

Here we go

You need;

How to;

  1. Boil cassava for approximately 15 minutes, drain and remove inside core.
  2. On medium heat, heat coconut oil in a medium pan
  3. Add onions and sauté until golden brown. Add diced tomatoes, jalapenos, turmeric and salt.Cook for 3 minutes.
  4. Add steamed cassava and gently mix with spoon.
  5. Add pepper to taste.

P.S. I like this meal for breakfast with a cup of hot tea.



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