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For The Love Of Autumn


The bountiful beauty in the leaves. How can anyone deny this beauty of the instant change of color as we see it on trees? It’s beautiful and it makes me smile.

I moved to the US in November 10 years ago. Being from the equator, it was too cold for my comfort. I piled on layers of sweaters like no other. In fact I couldn’t wrap my mind around the happy faces I was seeing in addition to the desire to be outside. Everyone was excited to walk in the open air accept me.

Years gone by now, I must say that I have found pieces about living in the US that excite me and autumn is one of them.

  • Anticipation of Christmas; As soon as those leaves start to change and the temperatures drop slightly (not really here in the land of Texas), my mind runs off towards Christmas holidays and that my friend makes me smile.
  • Start listening to Christmas music; we love Christmas music and I know right around this time we can finally justify turning it on loud.
  • Lazy cooking; my beloved Crock-Pot gets to shine right around this time of the year. A couple of times a week, we have something good simmering.
  • Feeling thankful; I like to reflect on my year right about this time and write down some of the many things I am thankful for; the gift of Life, health, my family, friends, food, shelter, God’s grace and on…..
  • Snuggle time; living in Texas, summer and fall are usually miserable. In fact I do not like the thought of snuggling up during that time. However, autumn changes the mood in that regard.
  • Apple everything; if it’s apple, chances are I want it. May not need it but I want it. Apple pie, apple scented candles, apple crumble, Warm apple sauce, Apple cider, and apple cider hand-soap and on…… just give me apple something for autumn.
  • Dreaming; the year is pretty much gone and now I start dreaming of the coming year.
  • Search for the best pumpkin pie that I can taste. I love pumpkin pie…I love it a whole lot but I do not like baking it. So far the best I have ever had in my opinion has been from the Village Inn restaurant in NM hands down. Each year, I look forward to having a bite of this deliciousness. Perhaps this year I will challenge myself to making one.
  • Citrus fruit; we enjoy eating in season fruits and vegetables and right around this time, some delicious grapefruit appear in different grocery stores. We love the ruby red Texas grown.
  • Watching our favorite shows; we are always busy with school and work throughout the year and this year has not been different. However, everything seems to be slowing down thus enjoying some good ole movies and shows. My hubby and I like to watch Longmire on Netflix. We rarely watch TV but this is a show we both enjoy. And as a family, we enjoy The Andy Griffith Show.
  • Still hoping for snow with chances of one in a million here in Texas.

Once again I am thankful to God for His love and Grace. I am thankful for the gift of life and the opportunity to be part of yet another beautiful season rejoicing in His beautiful creation.

God Bless


17 thoughts on “For The Love Of Autumn

      1. They would certainly vote for that! Last year there was one snowstorm while grandson David was still here. He loved sledding with young Logan and neighbor Joyce.

  1. If you like watching Longmire, you will love the books! Craig Johnson, creator of the Longmire stories, is a tremendous writer. I listen to the books on tape when I go for walks. The narrator really brings the characters to life. They are not the same stories as the TV series, and you’ll love the characters even more.

    1. It’s beautiful. We went on a hey ride at a friend’s farm this weekend. It was so much fun sharing this moment with friends. In addition to all the good things about Autumn, I can now justify sipping on a cup of hot tea; I still have a cup in the middle of summer. 😁

  2. Yes, this season is a wonderful one in Texas! Living in the Panhandle, we usually get to have at least a couple of winter wonderland times, and it’s beautiful, too. Your post shows your grateful heart for our loving Heavenly Father and I thank you for the reminder of His abundant blessings!

    1. We love Texas!. At times that means enjoying a sunny Christmas morning 😁. We are just thankful for God’s hand in every changing season and the gift of Life to be part of these seasons.🌹

    1. This season is absolutely beautiful. I love it, I love it, I love it. I always feel like a kid right about this time of the year and I am thankful for that joyful feeling.💝

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