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Drinking My Dirt; Diatomaceous Earth


Since my fight with cancer, I have made it a point to keep my body as clean as I know how or I am able to.

Prior to having cancer, I was never into all the “crazy healthy” or in this case “detox” kind of stuff. I honestly used to think the woman I am today in regards to health consciousness would never be me. In fact, I used to think of it as a waste of time and money whenever I would meet someone who was spending quite a bit on good organic or locally grown food and in this case dirt. YAP spending money on dirt!!

So back to the dirt. Years later, here I am talking about the beauty in drinking this magical dirt; Diatomaceous Earth.

So what in the world is diatomaceous Earth? one may ask; says

“Diatomaceous earth consists of the fossilized microscopic exoskeletons of diatoms, single-celled marine plants. It is mined from dried or underwater lake and sea beds. Different grades of diatomaceous earth are used for different purposes; some are altered, such as the diatomaceous earth for pool filters. Only food-grade diatomaceous earth should be taken internally by humans or animals.”

I know, I used to think it was only to be mentioned at the feed store and most definitely not for my pantry.

So why do I drink Diatomaceous Earth?

  • I drink it to keep my digestive system nice and clean.
  • To help promote my liver function; unload the extra weight of possible toxins that my liver may normally have to deal with.
  • To kill possible parasites in my body. Yap, I know I was shocked too when I first read about parasites that can set up camp in our bodies. Diatomaceous Earth is said to literally cut up these bad boys and dispose of them through our bowl movements.
  • For the extra mineral traces.

When do I take Diatomaceous Earth?

I usually take my amazing drink of dirt an hour before bed but will take it an hour before breakfast if I forget to take it the night before.

How do I take it?

For now, I mix one table spoon of diatomaceous earth to 8 oz. of filtered water and drink. Following with another 6 to 8 oz. of plain filtered water.

Other ways we use Diatomaceous Earth;

  • In our tooth paste; from our experience, it’s been the perfect toothpaste.
  • Perfect addition to a face scrub.
  • We also use it around the outside edges of our house to kill bugs but I have read that it can be used inside the house since it is nontoxic.


P.S. I am not a doctor or certified physician of any kind, I take this out of personal choice after my own extensive research. Please do your own research or ask your doctor before deciding to take it.

Thank you and God Bless



39 thoughts on “Drinking My Dirt; Diatomaceous Earth

  1. When I first saw your post I thought I must be reading it wrong. I had recognized the word from using it as a bug killer that is considered dangerous, but we use it anyway for effectiveness. I had no idea it could be digested! How long have you been using it?
    I have so many family and friends with cancer and liver disease. Both of my parents died from diabetes and liver related disease. My brother and sister fight liver disease now. I will have to tell them to look into this. They use milk thistle now, and it makes a marked difference. It did for my mom too but her disease was too progressed when she started it.

  2. I too have heard of it to get rid of bugs. I too had heard it was nontoxic. It is intriguing to read how you use it and also learning what it actually consists of.

  3. I’ve known about diatomaceous earth for a few years, but have never tried it before. I’ve read about people using the food grade version for themselves and their pets. I am wondering though…have you had any negative side effects from using it?

    1. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while, but just the thought of the fossils cutting up everything in their path sounded scary! Been watching my partner take it for a while no negative side effects yet…

      1. I think it would be great. Those sharp edges are what clean out the arteries and digestive system. I may try it, but I think I’d prefer to drink it in a beverage other than water. Dirt water doesn’t sound too appealing! πŸ˜•

      2. I’ll let you know. It may be awhile before I order some. I like to buy it at the original supplier online, and the amount they send is huge. But I’m game! πŸ˜€

      3. πŸ˜‚. When I first started, the thought of drinking fossil particles did not sound appealing but I don’t even think about that part anymore. It’s about staying clean inside 😁.

      4. The thought of living with creepy parasites was more scary than getting them cut up. It’s amazing what goes on in our bodies πŸ€”. I have not had any side effects as well apart from a simple thought that am consuming dirt every now and then 😁. ❀

      5. Im glad we arent aware of what is going on behind the scenes being a host for many living organisms eeew!

        Our bodies are definitely amazing though.

        Im going to give the dirt a shot 😊🌸

  4. Thanks for the tips! I will be doing my research ASAP! Cancer has taken 3 members of my family (Mother, Grandfather & Aunt). It is now dancing with my Sister. I am surely interested in this, as we use Diatomaceous Earth around the house to get rid of bugs. I never thought to digest it. Again, I will be on my research! β€œNamaste & One Love”

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