Poetry/Short Stories

naive lie


” you will always be Number 1″

My little boy says.

His little eyes say it’s true

But I know

It’s a “lie”

A naive lie

Until “she” appears.

Susan McMillan

For my little boy

20 thoughts on “naive lie

    1. 😁. Am ok listening to that sweet little like from my little guy until that day……when he finally talks to me about his new favorite. I pray that God will give me the strength to not be my little guy’s number 1.😁😁😁

  1. Truth! Once your little boy grows up and girls get in his head, you may not see much of him for maybe a phase or maybe years. I have seen this happen many times. I don’t know why it happens, moreso in an unhealthy balance (like, mostly girls and very little family). It’s scary because it’s not always about poor parenting, or lack of family values being instilled. It’s scary the amount of influence one person can have on another, especially in dating type scenarios.

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