Poetry/Short Stories

Grandma’s tears.


Grandma’s eyes

Knew to hold tears in place like 

A wedding bouquet to a bride


Aunt had died

Her shell was to be buried

She was grandma’s baby

That I knew…

My eyes “wanted” to see grandma’s tears

I wanted to cry with grandma

I wanted to share grandma’s pain

At least one more time


I knew grandma was shattered

By the blank look she wore

I knew she was crying

Letting go of her baby


Grandma’s​ tears were lost

Grandma just looked on…

Grandma had buried many shells

Of her babies

Grandma had cried rivers over the years;

Cried for babies and their babies

Grandma had wept for seasons


The tears I searched for in grandma’s eyes

I didn’t see

They didn’t roll down her cheeks

Nor linger in her face

They sat in her heart

That I knew!

Grandmas tears sat still in her heart

Like a patched wound.

Susan McMillan


17 thoughts on “Grandma’s tears.

  1. This makes me think of my own grandmother who had so much loss. She buried several siblings, her dad, her husband, and a very beloved nephew when he was just 19. This was just a small list of the many funerals we did. She taught me so much about strength. I believe I got my not crying at funerals from her. I love and miss her. The Lord is her refuge, and she is now with those she lost. ❤ Praying for you! God loves you! And your grandmother.

    1. Thank you very much. My grandma actually passed on two years ago after crying over many of her babies and grandbabies. I am thankful to God for having given her the strength to keep trusting His sovereignty through those long seasons of pain for her. I know that she is finally fully at rest.

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