Poetry/Short Stories

High school


Like “ant piles”

We made mounds in every corner

Eager to learn, live and leave someday

Trying to find ourselves

Or something like that…

Accepting changes

In between class rooms


The hallways broke us;

We made friends

And lost them at times

Had our first fights

That lasted seasons

Our worst of grades

Glued to those walls

We got bullied in those halls

We gave in

We gave up

At times kept going

Love notes and secrets

Were shared

We laughed and cried consequently

Memories worth keeping we made

More worth losing we acquired

Smiles with braces were familiar;

Empty smiles to say

Unsure faces of fear hang in there

Trying to survive


We were young

We were “brave”

We were broken

We were growing

We persevered

Through high school.


Susan McMillan

Inspired by a high school student.

9 thoughts on “High school

  1. You captured it well. Interestingly, when my kids were going through high school the school was undergoing construction and the did not have lockers. When the school was finished, they still did not have lockers. Most of the textbooks were given to the students to keep at home and then there was also all of the online work. Technology changes a lot of things but I so remember the locker experiences and think that my kids missed out on some fun. Nice job, Susan.

    1. Thank-you very much once again Miss Janet for reading. I truly appreciate🙏🙏. I think highschool is one of the hardest seasons in one’s life. I still recall that season of my life; I wanted it to go by fast!. ❤

    1. In general, I think of highschool as a place and season to grow/mature. By the time one hits their first year of college, then there’s the feeling of maturity; atleast it was for me.

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