cancer · Poetry/Short Stories




Invasion of the body!

Blood sucking to bare bones


On its host every ticking second.

In Memory of a blogger friend who courageously fought Cancer.

24 thoughts on “Cancer!

    1. It certainly is. I have met many friends over the years since my own battle. Some have made it and others have lost. It hurts but I know that God is sovereign and I trust His love for us.

      1. Your own battle. I am glad that you are the winner.My sister in law had a cancer too. i write a post about her “I choose to live”. That is autoimmune disease and a positive attitude is the most important, but you know that already . God bless you

  1. May God cure the sick and and remove the pain from all those who are suffering!

    We usually say this dua or prayer

    “O Lord of mankind, remove this pain and cure it, You are the only one who cures. There is no true cure but yours. O God, grant us such a cure that leaves no traces of illness”.

  2. I am a survivor , 18 years now, colorectal cancer. I like your photo of the red rose. This red rose is associated with St. Therese of Lisieux for me. I found her to be a constant spiritual companion in my struggle with cancer and still look to her now. If I can inspire anyone to believe that cancer can be survived then I hope people will look at me and know that it can be done. .

  3. Hi there. Love from the Philippines! I write about my experiences as a young adult with cancer in this country.. Got diagnosed with leukemia last year and thankfully I have been in remission for 13 months now.. I hope you check out my site as well. Thank you!

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