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Family Road Trip Essentials


On Saturday we took a two hour drive to go see a spot our kids have been asking to see for a while. It was exciting to be able to pack up our vehicle and hit the road.

With fall here and many other holidays around the corner, many will be on the road trying to get places or perhaps just like us may want to take quick trips to favorite places during the cool weather.

Whatever the trip may be, it can be a disaster if not well planned out; this is a lesson I have learned over the years after taking short and long distance trips.

Knowing better now, I can say it’s better to have a check list to help us get ready;

  1. Road map
  2. GPS (Not too helpful in my husband’s opinion. A traditional map works best but if you are into the “new world” kind of thing, then use a GPS)
  3. Audio books
  4. Your current month’s Tabletalk for on-road devotional.
  5. Yeti ice chest; this will keep all your food cold the entire day just in case you prefer to pack your own food.
  6. Neck pillow; I can sleep anywhere but a little extra comfort goes a long way for this happy mama.
  7. Auto bingo; perfect game for kids to keep the excitement along the road.
  8. Boogie boards; mess free way for the little ones to stay creative with art or writing.
  9. Snacks; lots of mess free healthy snacks
  10. First aid kit; always comes in handy
  11. Small tool box; just in case you have a flat tire or need to fix something. (This is my husband’s tool selection for trips
  12. Activated charcoal capsules; In case of food poisoning
  13. Melatonin; to help with sleep if you need it especially for overnight stays in unfamiliar places.
  14. Blankets; this is important for winter travel just in case you have an emergency and get caught out in the cold.
  15. Trash Bags; this is a must for those with kids
  16. Hand sanitizer
  17. Water
  18. Reading books
  19. Portable Phone charger
  20. Paper towel
  21. Camera; this has to be one of my favorite essential. I like having the ability to snap anything beautiful or perhaps interesting that catches my eye while on the road.
  22. Journal and a pen; these can be fun for both kids and adults. So much can happen on the road and what better way to lock down the moment than to jot it down in ink. Life time of memories literally.
  23. Cash; It’s always good to have some cash on hand for emergencies like paying for a tow truck, buying gas in a place that does not accept debit cards, fixing a flat tire, food and a hotel if needed.

God Bless and be safe on the road.

11 thoughts on “Family Road Trip Essentials

  1. Are those fossil beds? My husband used to take the kids fossil hunting. He had discarded dental tools that he used to extract them. What are the boogie boards you mention? I thought those were for wave riding.

    1. Yes ma’am. They are fossil beds.We had fun finding some precious rocks with the kids. I can only imagine using dental tools to dig up some rocks🤔🤔😁. Boogie boards are a fancy version of etch-a-sketch. The spelling is the same as the wave riding boogie board 😁. I like the mess free usage for little ones on the road.

    1. Trust me, it gets worse once we load in our suitcases and my husband’s road trip must haves; typically it’s his survival gear. Yea.. it’s that crazy for us. For a family of four, our packing could easily cover ten😂😂😂.

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