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Childproofing our homes


When we had our little ones just like any other parent, our hearts raced towards getting our space child proofed. We wanted to make sure nothing was a danger for them around. We got those electrical plugs, baby gates, baby monitors and on as y’all may know if you have ever taken this route.

That is a good thing to do if I may say, but they will still survive with or without these gadgets.

Considering the effort we put into childproofing our homes for the little ones, we tend to forget major or perhaps what I would call true childproofing that is truly intended for the physical and mental safety of our little ones.

Let’s talk about a few areas that I consider under the rules of childproofing;

  • Our language; when we have children, it’s very important to know and be very watchful about the language we are using in our homes because our little ones are listening and ready to copy the exact words we are using as they grow. I am not just talking about curse words but also questionable expressions.
  • Our actions; it’s amazing how sharp those little eyes are. Even at a very young age, we all know that our little ones watch our actions. They will watch the way we communicate as parents towards one another and also toward others outside the home thus being important to behave in a way worth imitating.
  • A safe home; It’s our job as parents to make sure that our children don’t get any harm especially in the home. We cannot​ assume that everything is okay. We need to completely take precautions when leaving our children with others,  we need to be sure of the people we invite in our homes and perhaps learn to pay attention to our little ones’ surroundings at all times.
  • Media; It’s the movies, television shows, music, books, magazines that may be acceptable to adults but most definitely not for kids’ eyes and ears. It’s very important that as parents, we stay very mindful of little hearts that we are nurturing. Again, they pick up a lot from their surroundings.
  • Our life style; this runs from the jobs we may choose to do, to the friends we have around. How safe or good are they for our babies?

All in all, our little ones are important. More so, creating an all-around childproofed home for them is very important and ought to be taken seriously. Their hearts are little and open to whatever is placed around them, Their little eyes watch every step we take and yes they may grow to take similar steps, their ears listen to the words we utter and I know for a fact, at some point we get to hear ourselves through them; they copy our words.  These are little ones that God has placed under our care to love and protect. 

Like I always say, this time is only for a moment. A season; one of raising our little ones. Let’s seek to do it well with all our might. 

When we are done raising our children, I pray and hope that we will not regret not childproofing our homes.

God bless.

Proverbs 22:6

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”


19 thoughts on “Childproofing our homes

  1. I am in agreement we need to make sure we are speaking out light and life not death. We should pray to constantly grow in how to effectively bless our children and how to tear down curses.

  2. You will not regret putting into practice the items you listed in your post. Teaching a strong, solid foundation that is strong and pure, free from the ‘filth’ of today’s society is what we are instructed to do by our Heavenly Father. I don’t believe that means we keep our children in a bubble, or brain-washed as I was accused of many times in the rearing of our children. It means we are protecting, guiding and training, out of love for our children. Excellent post! Our society is in desperate need of more parents such as you and your husband. Thank you for taking your responsibility as parents seriously, and for honoring what you’ve been given.

    1. Thank you very much Miss Deborah. It’s very encouraging to hear from someone that has been criticized the same way we are. I tend to smile when one says we are brainwashing our children by teaching them out of truth and what really matters. Keeping them from all the unneeded stuff in our crazy world today. I pray that as they grow, knowing the truth from scripture will assure them to live lives honoring to the Lord.

  3. Yes, sir. Child proofing of our homes are important. At the same time, the child should also be exposed to the outer world. After all, he is going to share life with so many different kinds of people. I’ve seen the only child of parents quite often finding it difficult to understand the world. They are often victims of tricksters.

    1. Thank you Nathan 🙏. I don’t think exposing our little ones to a toxic environment is a way to teach them to adapt to society in general. I believe teaching our children to honor God as well leading them by example with our morals. Little ones learn alot from seeing what’s around them. Thank you again🙏

  4. Thanks for sharing this post!
    I have never used any of the safety gadgets. I just kept an eye on them and explained everything even it was too early and they all were fine. All major accidents happened outside when they were playing sports or with friends which I could not prevent!
    And yes i totally agree that we should keep praying that our children would be better than what we aspired for them! I taught my boys when they were young, now being teenagers i am just reminding them.
    Wishing you all the best,

  5. Reblogged this on Janet's Smiles and commented:
    My kids are grown now and I have no control over what they see and hear but we tried to childproof our home as best we could when they were little. This is a great insight by a fellow blogger.

    1. Thank you Janet for sharing the message🙏🙏. As parents, when we do our work well in raising our children, we can only continue to pray for them once they are grown and on their own. I hope I can do that when that season comes.

  6. What a truly wonderful post! Your loving, mothering heart just shines through. You and your husband are blessed to have your sweet children, and they are blessed to have the two of you for parents.

    1. Thank you very much Miss Dorisa. We are thankful to God for our little ones. They are a blessing and are enjoying raising them. We pray that beyond our love for them, they will grow to know the one that loves them the most; Christ.

  7. We talk about appropriate and not appropriate all the time. Especially about clothing for little girls. It’s sure counter-cultural to espouse modesty.

    1. Now that I am raising a little girl, I get to see how much she tries to imitate my dress code. That tells me that as parents, our behavior directly affects our little ones without a doubt.

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