Poetry/Short Stories



Bare hands held out

Of a grieving mother shattered

As little one fades away.

Susan McMillan

9 thoughts on “pain

    1. My inspiration is a mama friend of mine that lost an 8 year old daughter from leukemia. I have seen her hurt in a way I can’t explain. It just hurts to watch a mother hurt from that kind of loss.

      1. I have been going to Bible study with this friend of mine for 6years now and it hurts to see how much she still hurts. Every year she celebrates what would have been her little girls birthday. That pain I believe is hard but I know she knows that God is sovereign in it all and I am thankful for that.

      2. My friends who have lost children are forever changed by the loss. We do them a disservice to think they will “get over it.” I am glad you honor your friend.

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