Poetry/Short Stories

Dear Ma,

Sue and Eddie
The only photo of me before my mama passed on.

Dear Ma

I am a Ma now

Saying Ma words in every sentence

Praying Ma prayers at every chance

Worrying and wondering

Like you Ma

Loving to the core

Like you Ma

Living in every moment

Like you Ma.

My babies

I have held and loved

Like you ma

Susan McMillan

For the memory of my deceased mother

21 thoughts on “Dear Ma,

  1. I am sure she is very, very proud of you, and looks with much love to you and her grandchildren! I am so sorry for your loss – no matter how long ago. You wrote her a beautiful poem!!!!

    1. Thank you very much my dearest. I visited your blog and absolutely love your about. It’s beautiful that you enjoy laughing; the real kinda laughing until you drop. You are my soul sister in that regard 💝

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