Poetry/Short Stories

As summer fades…



As summer fades

Into the heart of  Fall

I will trade my green grass for confetti dry leaves

I will smile still


In my heart pouch

I have

Folded moments into memories;

Of the sun rays

Of long hours with friends

Of my children’s laughter

Of giving and receiving

Of sharing summer bites

Of a chapter lived

Of a dream realized

Of smiles captured

Of loving and living

Without regrets.

Susan McMillan

13 thoughts on “As summer fades…

  1. It is almost that time of year, isn’t it? The seasons change so quickly as I get older. Our oldest and I were talking just yesterday about the arrival of autumn, just around the corner. It is and always has been her most favorite time of year. Beautiful poem!

    1. Thank you Miss Deborah. I love Autumn too. I always think of it as rainbow pixie dust from heaven. I could drive for hours only to​ look at the beautiful leaves.💝

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