Poetry/Short Stories

Hey stranger!


Hey stranger?

She asked

Without hesitation

In her voice.

Do u mind if….?

She asked without holding back

Can we?

She went on

With a straight look

Of command.

I was born across the seas

Raised by the wind

Don’t know what to believe

When I choose to believe

I smile when I choose to smile….


Cry when I don’t intend to.

I dance to my rhythm


To forget

What I wanna forget.

Perhaps a reminder,

I am no princess

I am no daisy

I am no pink

I am no candy cane!

I can be your buddy


I don’t do games

I can hustle

Just like them boys

I can juggle


I  can.

Hey stranger,

Let’s be…

But I’ll stay only a stranger!

Susan McMillan

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