Poetry/Short Stories

A handshake and a smile!



But strong and powerful

Ignites fire and cools it down

Making friendships and destroys many.

A handshake and a smile!

Started the family tree

Scattered the family’s heart

Settled family wrangles

Stole the heart of Nations

A handshake and a smile!

Disguises danger

Drowns truth

Exchanges “dreams”

A handshake and a smile;

A dance of Truth or lies.

Susan McMillan

7 thoughts on “A handshake and a smile!

  1. In the days I come from, a handshake and a smile were a commitment to be counted on. Friendships and trust were built on a handshake and a smile. A man’s word was given with a handshake and a smile. Many of us still make a practice of our word being our bond and a handshake was as good as, if not better than, a contract. Did business like this, literally all around the world. Thought provoking and recalling memories, Susan.

    1. Thank you Sir for your thoughts and I truly respect them. I absolutely understand your stand and believe that’s the way it ought to be. Our word being our bond is very important but in our world today it very true that many have given up on that beautiful truth. A handshake indeed today is also used for the bad in very many instances. Thank you again Sir and God bless.

  2. Beautifully written…in my profession…the law…the world moves with a handshake and a smile…as a woman, it was an important lesson for me to learn.

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