Poetry/Short Stories

My baby


My baby,

Over and over 

I have held you

Making memories for me

Of us

Savouring each passing day

In my heart pouch

Singing my heart out to u

Hoping you would remember

The tunes of my heart.

My baby,

In my arms

A day at a time

You have grown.

A moment after another 

U are slipping through.

One season at a time

I am learning

To let go

Freeing you

To a wider world.

My baby,

My child

My arms that hold you now

Will know to hold you then

If you ever need them to.

Susan McMillan

For my children; Gary and Michele

42 thoughts on “My baby

  1. Your words expressed my feelings! My two sons are grown with children of their own and the amazing and immediate unconditional love we experience when we first learn we are carrying them under our hearts remains the same for the rest of our days. Thank you for sharing this post.

    1. 😂😂 15 ?. It’s beautiful to hear a mama like you call your 42 year old a baby. I think I will do the same. My babies are and will always be babies and I pray that they will never outgrow these arms.

    1. I certainly held both mine facing me. I wanted to take in every moment and also assure them that I was fully present in that moment; our moment.Thank you🙏

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