Brewed Thoughts

Brewed Thoughts – Maya Angelou


Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.

11 thoughts on “Brewed Thoughts – Maya Angelou

  1. Love is the core of living. Our God has blessed us in that He no longer ‘charges’
    us for our sins, providing we ask for forgiveness which means that we have repented. He, God is love.

    1. Thank you very much Miss Marie for the beautiful reminder. God is love; the love we see through His Grace on the cross. A love compared to no other. A love that gives us sinners the freedom to be called His children. A love that gives us hope in eternity.💝

  2. Reminds me of 2 sayings: If there’s a will,there’s a way. If one wants to do something, one will find a way. If one doesn’t want to do something, one will find excuses not to do it.

  3. Oh God I completely love this! It is so in line with Forgiving Fridays …. if you’d like to contribute this post, that would be so lovely. (Forgiving Fridays is a weekly creative prompt where I encourage readers to post photos, poetry, quotes, stories…. anything that inspires them to forgive)

    Here’s my most recent post if you’d like to contribute. Thanks again for that quote – it made my day. ❤ Debbie

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