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Cancer journey; trusting God’s hand.


Like an avalanche, my world was crumbling. I wanted to run, I wanted to hide, I wanted to wake up from this nightmare but no I couldn’t for that was my reality at that moment.

Like I have previously mentioned, our youngest was barely a month and our oldest had just turned 2. “Lord you know they need me, you know I desire to watch them grow, I long to hold them each passing day. Please grant me this one wish of life”. That became me blubbering just in case God had “forgotten” about me and my family.

Knowing that I was very ill caused me to switch into a panic mode but knew that I had to fully trust God’s hand;

  • Trust that He knows me and my family and the situation we were in.
  • Trust that He was allowing the cancer for His purpose even though it was all fogy in the moment.
  • Trust that our children are His and He will take care of them with or without me.
  • Trust that God loves me even in sickness.
  • Trust that He knows my days and nothing; not even my panicky mode could change His perfect plan.
  • Trust that He is good all the time.
  • Trust that His hand works not according to my selfish wishes but perfectly for the good of those who love Him.
  • Trust that He wouldn’t hurt me. He knows and sees beyond my “plans”.
  • Trust that In Him I have life beyond the grave.
  • Trust that He is sovereign and Gracious at all times.

Again, through my cancer journey, I was reminded that God is the Potter and I am the clay. He will use me however He pleases. My demands and commands cannot Change His Will for me. Science and statistics cannot measure up to what He has set in our lives. Dying in Him is gaining life. 

Trusting in His hand was and is my only option for He is the beginning and the end.

Again and again, I am thankful for His Grace, I am thankful for His love and I am thankful that I am His child.

I pray that when life hits us hard, we will know to remember that He knows, He lives and He is sovereign above all our fears.

God bless

43 thoughts on “Cancer journey; trusting God’s hand.

  1. This is good, not only for those with cancer, but also for those whose life is changing in any stressful way. Thank you for writing it down, I needed to be reminded of these things.

    1. It’s only by God’s grace that I gained the strength to Trust Him. I am naturally a very weak and impetient person. I am thankful for His grace that helps us look to the truth that is beyond this life.

  2. God is too good to be unkind and He is too wise to be mistaken. So when we cannot see His hand in things happening to us then we must simply trust His heart. He will never leave us nor forsake us. Comforting words indeed I, too, had two small children when I was 24 and diagnosed with cervical cancer. The same type of cancer from which my grandmother died. Scary! God graciously allowed me to raise those two little boys and I’ve been ever grateful since then.

  3. Even though you were writing about something difficult, your thoughts came so beautifully onto the page. This is a shining, simple and powerful piece of writing…and it gave me goosebumps. Thank you…

  4. Be well. I am a survivor myself and having that dreaded cancer eight years ago changed my life. I am more positive now and I trust God for everything.

  5. This displays a beautiful Spirit to the world. I pray that you retain that Trust in Him until the end of this life…. and into the next!

    Keep up the Good Works.


    1. Thank you very much Miss Elizabeth. I am thankful for every passing moment of life and daily pray that somehow God will use my life journey for others to see and know His love for us.💝

      1. Am so glad to hear of it. Thank God. Have 2 other friends and colleagues who have recovered too. And it’s truly amazing- the courage and the fight they put up.

  6. Wonderful, encouraging blog. Trusting in God in sickness or in adverse circumstances is never ‘easy,’ and it doesn’t mean we have no faith when we struggle with the why’s and why not’s. I have never had this battle…but I have battled health issues/ diabetes since I was very young. God has ALWAYS been faithful through every storm…God bless!

    1. God bless you too Karen. It’s definitely hard when we are aching and physically hurting to stay assured in God’s love and Grace for us. But He is sovereign to walk us through one day at a time. He is faithful indeed.💝🌹

  7. Thank you for your post. I think that it is so healthy to continue your faith in God. I work in an oncology office and if more people would have the same outlook as you, their journey would so much easier. Life journey, itself, is hard but to know without doubt that by trusting and believing that God is in control of our every situations, we can travel this journey with the strength of the almighty. Be blessed.

    1. Thank you again and again for the work you do. My onclogy nurses were some of my greatest cheerleaders during my cancer journey. They always knew to remind that all would be well even when I didn’t want believe. Thank God for y’all. But most importantly, I thank God daily for His Grace; He and only he sustains us through seasons as such.

    1. I had liver cancer. I have been in remission for 5 years. I have re write from my cancer journey journal to be able to encourage those that maybe going through a similar journey.💝 God is sovereign!

  8. I count my self lucky as I have had cancer n both kidney’s which the odds are similar to winning the lottery but i’m here and so many other cancer patients are. In time of need we all need to turn to someone especially god and hope he can guide us

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