Poetry/Short Stories

Hands that broke me!



Sir ,

Yes you did;


With those hands 

Broke me!

With those hands


Turned my smile

Into a broken pose


Turned my heart

Into burning coals


Turned my memories

Into a broken record


Turned my home

Into a lost memory.



Your hands

Made me fight

Your hands

Made me run

Your hands 

Made me sweat

Your hands 

Made me cold

Your hands

Made me stale

Your hands

Made me learn

Of a broken world!

Susan McMillan

23 thoughts on “Hands that broke me!

  1. That is a sad poem and I hate to think of all the people this is happening to right now. It’s a good reminder to be kind and courteous to everyone we meet.
    Thank you for stopping by my book review blog yesterday!

    1. Thank you Maria. My thoughts always go back to vulnerable children at the hands of people that can harm them. It happens, it’s happening even as life continues and no one acknowledges.

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