Poetry/Short Stories

When love stays!


I fight it;

Keeping a sleek pose

Resisting an opponent

That has already won.

Pretending my heart is cold

Yet it’s melting

Proud to say No

Yet am helplessly screaming Yes!

Begging u to give up

Yet I have given in

Turning my back

Yet my eyes seek you

Walking away

While longing to run closer.

What am I to do?

What am I to say?

When love stays?

14 thoughts on “When love stays!

  1. His Love is True and Constant because He knows ALL of our ways – those we show and those we hide from others. (and because He is willing to forgive and favours no-one over another).

    Our love is fickle because we only know the ways others show us and not the ones they hide. Our choice of who we love is often very biased; our knowledge of the one we love incomplete. Even our knowledge of Him is incomplete and so can fail sometimes.

    We should all try to be more liken unto God.


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