Poetry/Short Stories

Mama’s tears


That photo!

That photo of mama

Takes me to her days

Days I choose not to know

Days with a hidden story

Days of loving through betrayal!

Days of “living” in a sick body

Days of letting go of her babies

Days of sleepless nights

Days of wonder

And weariness.

In that photo

I see Mama’s tears

I see Mama’s fears

I see settled tears 

Of many seasons;

Of forgiving over and over

Of surrender time after time.

I whisper my question

To mama once again

“Those tear”?

Mama’s tears 

Why they sit so perfectly

Why they are part of mama

Why they outshine Mama’s smile?

Mama, mama, mama!


Well composed

With your tears 

Placed perfectly

In that photo.

Susan McMillan

7 thoughts on “Mama’s tears

  1. I love looking at the picture of your mom that you have hanging in the hallway. When I see her smile, I see you! Someday, in heaven, I will get to meet your mom!

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