Poetry/Short Stories

Thief of my heart.


To the man that touched

Then whisked a heart

So cold.

To the man that warmed 

This cold heart into loving

So hard.

To the man that created Trust

From a heart full of doubt.

To the man that found

The soft part of this heart;

Against all odds.

To the man that stole my heart

Without notice.

That man

My man;

Thief of my heart.

Susan McMillan

18 thoughts on “Thief of my heart.

  1. Stole it?? I’d have said he gave it back to you – with the things in it it was always meant to have. What you do with it is, of course, your choice! 🙂


    1. Thank you Miss Elizabeth 🙏. I could definitely use some wisdom from an English professor. I remember when I was in high school, learning good grammar was a big step. I thought English/good grammar was so hard to grasp. It was like speaking in tongues to me. We used to wear a cow bone for speaking our local languages and you bet I had my share of that smelly bone. If there’s anything I can Learn from you, I happily will 🙏🌹

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