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Health; eating the summer abundance.


Summer time comes with abundance. We get to enjoy lots of different fruits and vegetables but whether that is in the comfort of our own homes or restaurants with possible extra unwanted ingredients added is up to us.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the ability to go out on a summer evening to enjoy a good meal with my family and friends but making my own meals are home helps me have Control of what my family and I are eating and stay within our budget.

First things first, think of what fruits and vegetables are in season where you live. In my case here in North Texas, we have;

  • Zucchinis (these have to be the award winning giving crop ever! In fact I find myself terrified to grow Zucchinis because it’s an over giver if there’s something like that.
  • Tomatoes; one of my favorite. You can eat these as is. My munchkins just like to pop them like candy. They also make a mean Pico de Gallo, toss them in salads like a chickpeas, cucumber and tomato salad, Toss with avocado, serve as a side dish of anything grilled, part of your chopped salad to munch on all week and more
  • Cucumbers; love them! Let’s start with cucumber water, refrigerator pickles, my favorite is using them in a quinoa tabbouleh.
  • Green onions; just add these to anything if you want. Quiches are the best, breads and more
  • Herbs; make fresh salad dressings, dry them for future use, freeze them in good oil of preference for use in the winter months in soups and such.
  • Berries; eat them as is( best way ever!), Make different berry ice cream, add to yogurt, add to chia puddings, add to salads, stuff raspberries with chocolate and dessert will be served, berry smoothies, berry pies, crumbles or cobblers.

With summer, the options to eating real food are endless. Enjoy eating it and preserve some.

Summer Abundance Food prep items

Enjoy the abundance while it lasts. Eat the freshest food you can, enjoy preserving it with your family and friends, share it with those that may need it beyond your family. Eat what’s in season and support our local farmers as a way to encourage their hard work. Let’s all be thankful for the season.

I believe that what we eat directly affects our health. Eat real food that you can see and touch and most definitely know where it is grown.

God bless.

9 thoughts on “Health; eating the summer abundance.

    1. I recommend the OXO good grip. It’s super easy to use but also affordable. It’s amazing how expensive the already spiralized veggies are. Doing it yourself is much cheaper.😁

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